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Entrepreneur Justin Williams introduced North Brunswick Magazine in 2006 then followed it with South Brunswick Magazine five years ago. All-things Brunswick County from acting opportunities for all ages to the new Brunswick Novant Medical Center to Dancing with the Brunswick Stars have their places here. My features on Island Classic Interiors, the Old Bridge Preservation Society and entrepreneur Chris LaCoe are in its pages.

let's playLet’s Play, Children’s Acting Class, Southport, N.C., 2013

Magazine Articles

Let’s Play!

South Brunswick Magazine, Summer 2013, page 52

About 20 children jump, dance and run in a circle to a selection from “High School Musical” but froze like icicles on eaves when the music stopped.

“Now I want those wearing socks be opposed to those in bare feet,” teacher Jen Iapalucci instructs at On My Toes Dance Studio in Southport. She starts the music, and the children check each other’s feet then dart back and forth before forming irregular lines. When the music stops, the children do as well….

Old Friends/New Friends (Prize-winning article)

South Brunswick Magazine, Spring 2012

War veterans seldom reveal their combat experiences, and Ocean Isle Beach resident Jim Milstead was no exception——until recently. The phone call he received December 13, 2011 freed a host of memories sealed in his mind since 1971. The caller identified himself as Jack Gang and mentioned Soan Ngo, pronounced Sean No for American ears….

Breast Cancer Touches Both Genders

South Brunswick Magazine, Summer 2013

Glen Miller thought the lump that appeared under his right nipple was from a golf ball bouncing off his chest when he was picking up golf balls at a driving range he owned in Maryland. When the lump didn’t go away, he consulted his physician. Breast cancer was the diagnosis….

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