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Functional illiteracy, grief, and adversity are issues people in America face every day. My House on  Garnet Lane Series, introduces successful yet functionally illiterate Tessa Granger, grief-stricken widow Ellen Powell and  free-spirit Jerolee Anderson. These women confront the overwhelming challenges that arise in their lives and find solutions that inspire readers. They take their turns living in the house on Garnet Lane.


The House on Garnet Lane Series

Smart Comes Next

Book One

“Smart Comes Next” is filled with the inner conflict that comes with knowing you have a problem but terrified to ask for help. The cast of characters range from fashion model Tessa Granger, whose mother Susan Granger, is the ultimate stage mother and remains steadfast in denial of Tessa’s predicament, to computer geek Russell Traynor to love-smitten Bryan Endicott and finally to the mysterious man from Tessa’s past, Pablo Ruiz.  “Smart Comes Next” brings to light a condition that 32 million Americans share with Tessa. It is one with a solution.

Sinking Not Allowed

Book Two

“Sinking Not Allowed” follows Ellen Powell whose husband of 32 years dies by his own hand and leaves her without the financial security he had promised. Ellen’s need to survive overshadows her grief. Rather than sell her collection of blue diamonds and other treasured possessions, she sells the family home and buys the house on Garnet Lane. There Ellen discovers a world apart from the rarified air she had breathed for years. New neighbors Glenda Gordon, Noah Jones and Seth Dolan, the real estate agent who sold her the home, are instrumental in Ellen’s catharsis. Christine, her follow-the-rules daughter, detests the home and the neighbors. Jeolee, her free-spirit daughter, who changed her last name to Anderson to emphasize her individuality, loves it all. Will Ellen stay on Garnet Lane? Will her blue diamonds be her salvation?  Only Ellen can decide.

A Job for Jerolee

Book Three

Jerolee Anderson had plans to move to Hawaii—the Big Island—but the biking accident changed all that. Not only wasn’t she able to fulfill her Hawaiian dream, she had to change her entire career. Will Cody Hubbard understand? Will Seth Dolan help her forget? She believed the house on Garnet Lane is her nemesis. “A Job for Jerolee” reveals how a young woman survives adversity.

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