Offer constructive suggestions in critiques.
Offer constructive suggestions in critiques.

Find Your Writing Niche: Write Critiques

Cynthia Price’s December 30, 2014 blog “Three Words” at asks readers to “use three words to describe their career and their search.” This thought-provoking directive forces readers to dig deep and go beyond the obvious fact of saying they want to write clear prose.

One of the words that I chose for myself was “critiquer.” There is no such word, but I don’t want to use critic because that’s too formal. I use that word when I critique a published work, which is labeled a review when I write it for a newspaper or magazine.

When I read unpublished works, I consider myself a “critiquer.” Other writers are looking for feedback and want honest comments on their work.

There is a method to critiquing, though. I believe in being honest without being cruel. The crux of the matter is giving suggestions on how the work being critiqued can be improved so it’s a published work with a wide readership.

The Web sites and blog that concern critiquing say basically the same thing: be constructive, offer suggestions, don’t destroy.

Some of the Web sites with quality suggestions on critiquing are on the Web at:

“How to Write a Critique” at

“Ten Tips for Critiquing Other People’s Writing” at

“How to Write a Critique at

“Guidelines for Writing a Critique” at

Writers appreciate getting encouragement and constructive comments from their fellow writers.

Article By: Jo Ann Mathews

I’ve been a professional freelance writer for several years and specialize in writing feature stories. I have more than a 1,000 bylines to my credit and have written on countless topics from autism to zoology. My columns on fashion and the Internet appeared in a Chicago area newspaper in the 90s. “Brunswick Buzz,” the column in The Sun News, the Myrtle Beach, S.C. daily, ran for seven years then “Events on the North Strand” took over in October 2013, also in The Sun News.

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