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Women and Adversity: Debbie Macomber


One of the most prolific and beloved authors today is Debbie Macomber. A #1 New York Times bestselling author with more than 200 million books in print, Ms. Macomber is best known for her romance novels and women’s fiction, but she also has written children’s books, inspirational works and two bestselling cookbooks. Films on the Hallmark Channel featured her Cedar Cove Series and her Christmas novels.

Ms. Macomber did not shoot to this status without some rejections and difficulties. She agreed to participate in my blog and answered the two crucial questions I always ask:

JAM: What was the greatest obstacle you faced when you first started writing?

DM: “I would have to say it was the negative stinkin’ thinkin’ that I grew up [with].”

She explains that she is dyslexic. defines dyslexia as a reading disability in which the brain does not process graphic symbols normally. In other words, a student has a difficult time reading.

“I had a lot of negative voices that told me I wasn’t smart enough or good enough,” she writes in an email. “I had a lot going against me and battling my way through all those negatives was far and away my biggest obstacle. That and the fact that I could barely type and was (and still am) a creative speller, which is all part of being dyslexic.

What is the greatest obstacle you face now?

DM: Balance between work and family, between work and play, between work and friends. Definitely balance.

“Writer’s Digest” magazine featured Ms. Macomber in its January 2017 issue, and she reveals:

* I want my reader to think

* It’s so important for writers to be in touch with the readers

* The key to success in any field is passion

Ms. Macomber lives in Port Orchard, WA, owns Victorian Rose Tea Room and A Good Yarn, a store that sells yarns. She is an avid knitter. Her most recent novel, “If Not for You,” will be available March 21.

More information about Debbie Macomber:

Article By: Jo Ann Mathews

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