Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda Prime Minister of Gabon

Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda, Prime Minister of Gabon (EdDdVwrXgAMJQC1)

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Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda
Prime Minister of Gabon

Despite being in the Computer Age, it is challenging to obtain information about world leaders who don’t have close ties to the U.S. Such is the case with Gabon (Ga bon⸍).  U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs Chidi Blyden recently met with Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda (Ra⸍ponda), the Prime Minister of Gabon, and the two agreed to strengthen their ties. More information is undoubtedly available in French, but I can’t read French. A diligent student of Africa and women world leaders will be able to unearth more facts, but for now, this is all I have.

Gabon, a former French colony, is situated on the west coast of Central Africa with Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Republic of Congo and the Atlantic Ocean as borders. It is about 100,000 square miles, 85 percent of which is forests. It has a population of 2.3 million people, who have a primarily upper-middle class income due to Gabon’s oil-rich land and the production of manganese, a useful metal for manufacturing and an essential mineral for the body. 

Ossouka Raponda was appointed Prime Minister in July 2020, the first woman to hold the office, after her predecessor resigned. President Oli Bongo Ondimba charged Raponda with “ensuring [Gabon’s] economic relaunch and necessary social support in the light of the world crisis.”

The crises in Gabon:

  • October 2018 – President Ali Bongo suffered a stroke and for months received treatment outside of the country
  • January 2019 – An attempted coup
  • 2020 – COVID19 pandemic

Raponda bio:

Born in 1964 in Libreville, Gabon’s capital
Earned a degree in economics and public finance from Gabonese Institute of Economy and Finance

 Political Career as close to accurate dates as possible:

2000 –  Advisor to the Director General of the Economy
2012 – Deputy Director General of the Economy, Deputy General Manager of the Banque de l⸍Habitat du Gabon
Minister of Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Service
Minister of State
2014 – First woman Mayor of Libreville
2018 – President of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa
2019 – Defense Minister2020 – July 16, Prime Minister

 Personal life:

Unlike in America where people’s private lives are open books, I couldn’t find any facts about Raponda’s personal life. Possibly they are in the French posts.

Learn more about Raponda: (Raponda answers in French) (Raponda answers in French)

Article By: Jo Ann Mathews

I published three ebooks in 2020: Women and Adversity, Honoring 23 Black Women; Women and Adversity, Recognizing 23 Notable Mothers; and Women and Adversity, Saluting 23 Faithful Suffragists to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. These books are meant to be study guides for all students from grade school through college to help in choosing topics for assignments and to learn more about these noteworthy women. Go to, and to learn more.

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