Cindy Yee Kong, Author

Cindy Yee Kong, Author

Women and Adversity: Cindy Yee Kong, author, The Eyes of the Lion  

It always amazes me at the adversity some women experience, and Cindy Yee Kong is another example. In her memoir, “The Eyes of the Lion,”
she tells of how she was born in 1969 in China and when she was 10, she migrated to New York with her mother where her father lived.

She couldn’t run, play or talk normally with other children, but her family wasn’t supportive. In desperation she fought to survive and escape her miserable situation and muddled along as best she could. In 1995 she was diagnosed with dopa-responsive dystonia, a genetic disorder in which a person has involuntary muscle contractions and tremors. Undesirable symptoms continued, and Cindy sought further help. Then in 2008 she was diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder, which stems from dystonia. This means Cindy had problems distinguishing similar speech sounds, following directions and understanding instructions. Her speech pathologist said teachers and educators overlooked her situation when she was a child because English was not her native language.

It’s hard to imagine the perseverance and determination it took for Cindy to succeed, but she earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and was a social worker. She is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling to overcome adversity.

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Article By: Jo Ann Mathews

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