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Women and Adversity: Wilma Rudolph First American Woman to win three Gold Medals at one Olympics

March 24, 2022

Sports and sports figures are not high on my list of interests, but for Women’s History Month I decided to feature Wilma Rudolph after reading a quote of hers: “Never underestimate the power of ...

Women and Adversity: Sarah Jane S. T. Garnet Cofounder of Equal Suffrage League of Brooklyn

November 25, 2021

Sarah Jane Smith Thompson Garnet argued that it was undemocratic to deny women the vote because they “had the same human intellectual and spiritual capabilities as men.” Garnet had a di ...

Women and Adversity: Susan Wingate, Author, Part III

July 23, 2020

  Susan Wingate, Author, Part I, appeared in my June 25 blog post and Part II on July 9. Her most recent title How the Deer Moon Hungers was released July 15. JAM: What obstacles do you ...

Women and Adversity: Susan Wingate, Author, Part II

July 9, 2020

Susan Wingate, Author, Part I, appeared in my June 25 blog post. Her wry humor and easy-going style continue in her answers below. Her latest book, How the Deer Moon Hungers, will be released July ...

Women and Adversity: Sharyn McCrumb, Author, Part I

November 28, 2019

I choose tables up front at events, so at the Hampton Roads Writers Conference in Virginia Beach, VA, Sharyn McCrumb came in and sat at the unreserved table where I was. Bright, witty and entertai ...

Women and Adversity: Janet Evanovich, Author

October 24, 2019

 At, choose any number from one to 26, add Stephanie Plum, and you’ll find a novel featuring this Trenton, N.J. bounty hunter, the unique character Janet Evanovich created. Twisted ...

Women and Adversity: Jenni Barnett, Australian Historical Novelist, Part I

August 8, 2019

I met Australian native Jenni Barnett on a cruise to the Panama Canal. Her personal story as well as her series, Dreamtime Mysteries, are fascinating enough to break into two posts at my Women a ...

Women and Adversity: Janet Boykin Baker Co-Founder, Widow’s Mite Experience, Novelist

January 24, 2019

In 2004, Janet Boykin Baker and seven other women in Shallotte, North Carolina decided they wanted to ease the suffering of people throughout the world. Christian Broadcasting Network offered to ...

Women and Adversity, Jessica Strawser, Writer’s Digest Editor-at-Large, Novelist

December 14, 2017

I ran this blog in October 2017 but decided to run it again and alert readers to her upcoming novel. Her first novel, Almost Missed You, is the story of love, indecision and poor choices. Her second ...

Women and Adversity Jessica Strawser, Writer’s Digest Editor-at-Large, Novelist

October 12, 2017

Women and Adversity:  Jessica Strawser Writer’s Digest Editor-at-Large, Novelist A big ‘thank you’ to Jessica Strawser, who answered my email within a few days, making me delighted she agre ...


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